NASA Flying Saucer To Launch Soon

A NASA flying saucer shaped spacecraft will be launched soon. Project officials said the test flight might happen within this month.

nasa flying saucer

Mark Adler, project manager of the Low-Density Supersonic Decelerator (LDSD) at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) in California said Thursday that all systems and his team are "ready to go" but poor wind conditions prompted them to delay the launch supposedly taking place Saturday, June 14.

The project to launch the Mars landing test vehicle reportedly costs $200 million so those involved have to make sure that weather conditions at its test site at the Pacific Missile Range facility of the US Navy in Hawaii are acceptable.

According to NASA, the rocket-powered LDSD craft will be lifted 120,000 feet high by a huge helium balloon. Once at altitude, it will separate from the balloon and a fraction of a second later four small rocket motors will fire to spin up and gyroscopically stabilize the saucer. A half second later, a solid-fueled rocket engine will kick in, sending the test vehicle to the edge of the stratosphere.

The objective is to "get to an altitude and velocity which simulates the kind of environment one of our vehicles would encounter when it would fly in the Martian atmosphere," said Ian Clark, principal investigator of the LDSD project.

Once it pushes through, selected portions of the experimental flight will be shown via live streaming on and Read more information about the NASA flying saucer from its official webpage.