Jennifer Lopez, Pitbull perform at 2014 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony (video)

Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull performed at the 2014 FIFA World Cup opening ceremony in Brazil on Thursday, June 12, with Claudia Leitte.

JLo, Pitbull at 2014 World Cup
Contrary to earlier reports that JLo canceled her appearance at the Sao Paolo event due to "production issues," the 44-year-old singer showed up and shared the stage with the American rapper and Brazillian songstress.

The trio sang "We Are One (Ole Ola)," this year's official theme of the international football tournament participated by 32 teams from different countries.

Initially, things were fine until the elevator platform lifting JLo and Pitbull as they were making an entrance got stuck. The latter had to pull her up by one step. They also encountered audio problems which reportedly sparked a barrage of complaints on social media.

As a rule of thumb, the show must go on despite some technical difficulties so the two artists showed professionalism and continued singing as if everything was normal. However, their positive behavior did not stop critics from making negative remarks.

Some said it was the "worst" opener they've ever seen while others expressed dissatisfaction over the poor audio/sound quality. Amid the criticisms, a few commentators pointed out that what's important is that Jennifer Lopez appeared and did not actually ditch the 2014 World Cup.