Jason Abalos - Vickie Rushton break up after PBB possible

Actor Jason Abalos and his girlfriend Vickie Rushton might break up after the latter said she feels that their relationship is boring.

Jason Abalos and Vickie Rushton

Abalos recently visited the Pinoy Big Brother House when he was tapped to deliver a letter to Rushton during the freeze challenge. The couple were able to hug each other but didn't have the chance to talk.

Days later, the 22-year-old model admitted to her co-housemates that she is disappointed with her boyfriend for exerting less effort to make their relationship more special.

According to ABS-CBN News, Rushton had said they did not even celebrate Valentine's day and when they spent time together, going to the mall was a routine.

Meanwhile, Abalos finally broke his silence on the issue. In his Instagram post on Saturday, June 28, the actor admitted that he is hurt with the current situation. However, he appealed for understanding and urged the public not to be judgmental.

Most of the actor's fans and IG followers advised him to fight for their relationship and do everything to win her back. Others said she might have fallen out of love because they're not together at present and her attention is on someone else.

Rushton is apparently being paired to celebrity housemate Daniel Matsunaga. Based on their conversations with co-housemates, it seems both have a crush on one another.

If the team up gets popular, the hit reality show will likely push it forward. Jason Abalos and Vickie Rushton would part ways, eventually, unless they both decide to pick up the pieces again when she's already out of the PBB house.