Globe Super Home Phone disconnected? This might help

Does your Globe Super Home Phone included in the Tattoo Home broadband bundle suddenly get disconnected? This guide might help you fix it.

Globe Tatto Home Broadband Bundle

Last summer, some field agents offered me Globe's Plan 999 broadband bundle which comes with internet connection with speeds of up to 2 Mbps, a modem with built-in Wi-Fi, plus a wireless phone with free and unlimited calls to all Globe and TM numbers. The promo was so tempting that I immediately availed it without hesitation.

What happened a month later was that the wireless landline got disconnected four days after I paid the bill. I was barred from making outgoing calls and can only receive texts and incoming calls.

When I reported to customer service, the representative told me that I had an unbilled usage of over P900. This excess sent a signal for their system to automatically cut the line off.

I was really surprised to find out that the unbilled usage is the accumulated cost of subscription charged by services that use special 4-digit numbers like E-Factory. Because I have never subscribed to any of them eversince, I requested the rep to revert the charges to zero. He agreed and the line was restored in less than ten minutes.

If you encounter the same problem, here's what you should do:
  • Make sure that you have settled your monthly obligation (fixed at P999 per month);
  • Dial 211 (GT Cust Svc) on your Globe Super Home Phone and follow the instructions from the voice prompt;
  • Choose the option that lets you connect to a CS representative and provide him the required account information;
  • Request for the immediate cancellation of all subscriptions shown in your account;
  • When asked, provide your personal details (usually your mother's maiden name and your birthday) for account verification and to confirm that you, the account holder, made the request;
  • Take note of the reference number for your report;
  • Five to ten minutes after making such call, try to dial any contact number to find out if you got your line back.
For those who are planning to get a Tattoo Home broadband bundle postpaid plan, read the application form carefully. Avoid marking the checkbox beside the question "Do you wish to receive promo offers and services?" or something similar.