Derek Ramsay visits Kris Aquino on 'Kris TV' set

Hunk actor Derek Ramsay visited Kris Aquino on the set of her morning talk show Kris TV during its live episode on Monday, June 23.

Derek, who was wearing a white shirt and baseball cap, was not allowed to join the TV host due to network restrictions but waved when the camera panned on him very briefly.

At one point, Kris mentioned that the Kapatid star is the one who makes her happy, prompting her guest co-host Carmina Villaroel-Legazpi to ask if it was "something new."

She then requested her guest for the day, singer Juris Fernandez-Lim, to perform the Selena hit "Dreaming of You" and dedicated the love song to her special visitor.

Derek and Kris have been romantically linked to each other since late March after the actor shared on Instagram a photo of them having drinks. He called her "the funniest."

Derek Ramsay and Kris Aquino
Photo courtesy of @ramsayderek11 via Instagram
In early April, the TV host posted on her IG account a quote about giving love a second chance and thanked Derek for always being there for her.

"For every girl with a broken heart, there's always a boy with glue gun," the quote read.

In mid-May, Kris visited the actor at the hospital when he was confined due to pneumonia. She brought a get well soon gift for him.

A month later, the two watched the romantic film "The Fault in Our Stars" along with Kris' sons Josh Aquino and Bimby Aquino Yap.

Derek and Kris were supposed to collaborate for a project with Regal Entertainment, but the TV host revealed she was not allowed by her boss, ABS-CBN's Cory Vidanes, to do a movie with the former Kapamilya actor.