Daniel Matsunaga scores a goal in #PBBFootball

Celebrity housemate Daniel Matsunaga scored a goal to complete a dancing football task together with the rest of the PBB house occupants.

Daniel Matsunaga
The task was timely as football fans around the world get hooked to the 2014 World Cup that's currently taking place in Brazil.

At the Confession Room prior to practice, Matsunaga told Pinoy Big Brother that he plays professional football and loves the sport so much. In fact, the model-actor played as a midfielder for Kaya F.C. in Division 1 of the United Football League before joining PBB All In.

According to a Wikipedia entry, he "first played for Division 2 Team Socceroo in 2011, and moved to Division 1 Pachanga Diliman during the 2012 UFL Cup, before eventually moving to Stallion for the 2013 season."

During practice, the 25-year-old Brazilian-Japanese taught his co-housemates a few basic techniques to handle the ball properly.

What made the task harder was that they needed to sing and dance "Pinoy Ako" while receiving the ball and passing it back to Daniel. The execution required female housemates to use their thighs and the males their foreheads. They have to keep the ball from falling on the ground until the reality show's theme song ends. If an error is committed, the players have to start all over again.

After several tries, the housemates were able to meet the objective and Daniel finished the #PBBFootball challenge with a goal. It looked like they succeeded in the weekly task which means additional budget for the following week.