Blood Stained Singapore Blog Removed

Blood Stained Singapore, the blog with a racist post that guided readers on how to be unpleasant to Filipinos, has been completely removed.

Blood Stained Singapore Blog Removed

Google's free blogging platform Blogger says was deleted and the web address cannot be used for a new blog.

The removal came a few days after we posted a guide on how to report said blog which, we believe, clearly violated Blogger's policy on contents that encourages "hate speech and violence" as well as "harrassment and bullying."

In its Help section, Blogger says the disappearence of the site may have been caused by "Policy or Terms of Service violation." One of the possible reasons, it said, is that the blog "was found to violate Blogger’s policies" or "Terms of Service."

In behalf of everyone, we thank Google and the Blogger team for listening to the sentiments of the Filipino people.

Goodbye, racist Blood Stained Singapore blog!