Baby Zion Gutierrez photos go viral online

Baby Zion Gutierrez now has a face after the baby's celebrity parents Sarah Lahbati and Richard Gutierrez posted his photos on Instagram.

Baby Zion Gutierrez
Photo courtesy of Sarah Lahbati via Instagram
On E! channel's reality show "It Takes Gutz to be a Gutierrez" last Sunday, the actor shared stories on how they took care of their child when they were still in Geneva, Switzerland, where he was born.

Richard said they took turns in changing diapers and making milk for their son. He added that they wanted to bring Zion home at that time, but some career-related problems prevented them to do so.

The Kapuso star revealed that they sought help from Sarah's mom, Esther, and his own parents, Eddie Gutierrez and Annabel Rama, to have his child brought to the Philippines privately. He did not mention when the infant arrived.

In her Instagram account, Sarah posted photos of Baby Zion Gutierrez, which went viral online over the weekend. It happened a week after the couple unveiled the new member of their family.