ABS-CBNmobile SIM hoarding for PBB voting

There's an alleged hoarding of ABS-CBNmobile subscriber identity module (SIM) cards which will be used to vote to save a PBB All In housemate.

(Credit: iameli06.tumblr.com)
The logic behind it is that ABS-CBNmobile subscribers only spend P1.00 per vote compared to those who are using Globe, TM, Smart and Talk N Text (P2.50 each vote) and Sun Cellular (P2.00 per vote).

One SIM may cast only 30 votes daily. Basically, ABS-CBNmobile SIM owners have a huge edge over others, based on the following sample computation:

1 ABS-CBNmobile SIM x P1/vote x 30 votes = P30 per day
1 Smart SIM x P2.50/vote x 30 votes = P75 per day

The P45 daily savings can be used by a subscriber to buy one more ABS-CBNmobile SIM to be able to vote at least twice as much as those who cast their votes via other networks.

Thus, there's a tendency that some fan groups of PBB All In housemates would take advantage by hoarding ABS-CBNmobile SIM cards.