NIVEA Commercial Song: 'New Days' by Asher Lane (Video)

"New Days" is the single from the German rock group Asher Lane featured in television commercial ads for NIVEA. Check out the videos.

'New Days' by Asher Lane
The dermological group previously used the song in its marketing campaign abroad including the US and United Kingdom. Now, the soundtrack is taking the Philippines by storm.

At first, one would guess that the song is titled "Across the Universe," but curiosity has driven netizens and music lovers to search the web for the correct title and artist.

Asher Lane, whose origin are Berlin and Hamburg in Germany, is comprised of five members namely: Finn Martin (vocals/guitar), Philipp Steinke (keyboard/vocals), Anthony Thet (lead guitar), Sonja Glass (bass), and Marco Möller (drums).

"New Days" comes from their album "Beautiful Falling" released on March 2, 2007.

Here's "New Days" by Asher Lane, followed by relevant NIVEA ads. We hope that you will enjoy watching the videos.