For crying non-stop, baby's lips taped by nurse in Cebu (+photo)

For crying non-stop, the mouth and lips of a week-old baby was taped by a nurse assigned in a nursery at a private hospital in Cebu City.

According to The Freeman, the parents discovered what has happened to their child when they visited the nursing facility Thursday night.

The nurse on-duty allegedly said the lip-taping was done because the baby boy was very noisy. When asked to remove the tape, the nurse allegedly told the mother to do it herself.

The baby's parents exposed the wrongdoing via social media, which immediately sparked an online uproar. An actual picture of the baby with his mouth sealed with a tape quicky went viral after it was uploaded on Facebook.

Nurse seals baby's mouth with a tape
Baby's lips sealed with a tape (Facebook)
A Solar News report identified the hospital as Cebu Puericulture Center and Maternity House.

Dr. Raida Varona, CPMH medical director, reportedly said an investigation regarding the matter is underway, but refused to comment on the number of persons involved.

Varona, who clarified that putting tape on a crying baby's lips is not hospital protocol, has declined to name the nurse on-duty at the time of the incident.

Health officials in Central Visayas urged the baby's parents to file a formal complaint at the Department of Health in Region 7.