Online report on US visa-free policy for Filipinos a hoax

The Philippine Embassy in Washington warned the public that the report about a supposed US visa-free policy for Filipinos is a hoax.

adobo chronicles us no visa policy hoax
Screenshot of Adobo Chronicles
In an official statement, the Embassy of the Republic of the Philippines said "there is no truth to what appears to be an online news report that the United States has announced a ‘no visa’ policy for Filipinos."

The US Department of State has denied making such an announcement, according to the Philippine Embassy. The news article, which was posted on the website called Adobo Chronicles, is "a satirical piece that should not be taken seriously," it added.

The fake report says Filipinos are no longer required to obtain a visa to stay in any US state, except Alaska, and the no-visa entry is valid for sixty days.

In order to avail the program, the article says one should download and accomplish a biographical form for submission to the US Embassy together with four 2×2 colored ‘selfie’ photos at least one week before departure.

The website, which self-claims to be "the best source of unbelievable news," has been slammed by netizens for its "irresponsible" reporting.

A commenter even criticized the site for giving people “false hopes.” She claimed that her mother called, crying because she thought the article was for real.

"You have no idea how heartbreaking it was to tell her that this article is a hoax. Congratulations Adobo chronicles, hope you are happy and getting the traffic you wished for," she posted.

Many people find satires funny and entertaining, it's a fact, but others may find it disturbing specially if the issue or subject at hand is so sensitive it would affect lives.

Obviously, Adobo Chronicles achieved its goal to grab attention, generate clicks and gain traffic. However, the writer should have considered the emotions of those who might be affected after reading a supposed good news that turned out to be a hoax.