MERS virus control medical board formed in Saudi Arabia

A MERS virus control consultative medical board has been formed Sunday by Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Health as the number of cases rises.

MERS virus
Latest news reports say 26 more cases of the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome - Corona Virus have been confirmed in KSA and 10 more people have died from the deadly disease.

On April 27, acting health minister Adel bin Mohamed Faqih appointed healthcare experts and infectious disease physicians to the board which, according to the minitry's website, "will be in charge of preparing medical reports and consultations about the current health situation of the virus and submitting them to the ministry" for review.

The 10-member board, who will work under the supervision of the newly-appointed MoH medical advisor Dr. Tariq Ahmed el-Madani, will also "follow up the health condition of the affected cases."

Faqih said the board members were chosen based on their "previous experiences in dealing with similar public health-related infections."

As part of the health ministry's endeavors to find facts and gather information on this epidemic, all ideas and recommendation issued by the board will be under consideration to curb the spread of the MERS virus domestically and globally, he added.