Fort Hood Shooting: Gunman had 'behavioral' and 'mental health' issues

Ivan Lopez, suspect in the Fort Hood shooting, had "behavioral" and "mental health" issues according to a US Army general officer.

Fort Hood Shooting
In a press conference Wednesday night, Lt. Gen. Mark A. Milley said a motive hasn't been established, but the 34-year-old gunman was known to have issues regarding behavior and mental health.

Lopez, Milley reportedly said, served four months in Iraq in 2011 and "was undergoing treatment for depression, anxiety and a variety of other psychological and psychiatric issues." He was also being evaluated for post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).

Officials said the shooting incident left four persons dead, including Lopez, and 16 others injured, Yahoo! News reports.

Nine of those with injuries were rushed to Scott & White Hospital while the rest were brought to Carl R. Darnall Medical Center.

Chief medical officer Glen Couchman reportedly said the conditions of the victims, all of whom are members of the military, "range from quite stable to quite critically injured."

The shocking Fort Hood shooting incident occured at around 4PM on Wednesday, April 2, inside the military base. Terrorism has yet to be ruled out.