Antoinette Taus - Dingdong Dantes love child rumors revived

Rumors about the alleged love child of Antoinette Taus and her ex-boyfriend Dingdong Dantes have been revived and are circulating again.

Antoinette Taus
Courtesy of Antoinette Taus Facebook fan page
In an interview, the former US-based actress, who made a showbiz comeback in the Philippines recently, said she wonders why the issue won't die even after they broke up years ago.

Antoinette and the Kapuso actor remain friends and the former child star said she's willing to meet Dingdong's present girlfriend, actress Marian Rivera, if given a chance.

Meanwhile, Marian expressed the same willingness to meet her boyfriend's ex, saying there's no reason why she won't do it.

The "Carmela" lead star told the Philippine Entertainment Portal:

Why not? Why not? Alam mo, 'yang mga ganyang bagay sa tao na, past is past, wala namang ginagawa sa iyo na masama ang isang tao, so walang dahilan para hindi mo pakitaan ng mabuti.

But what if Antoinette Taus and Dingdong are paired in a television series where there's a love scene? Would Marian get jealous?