Anne Curtis suffers jellyfish sting at 'Dyesebel' taping - video

"Dyesebel" star Anne Curtis suffered from a jellyfish sting at the taping of her primetime fantasy series Wednesday night, April 2.

A video released by ABS-CBN shows the actress-host with red rashes at the left part of her body, just above her waist.

anne curtis jellyfish sting
Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN News
A Wikipedia entry states that the box jellyfish are invertebrates distinguished by their cube shape. Some of its species are considered as among the most venomous creatures in the world. Their stings are extremely painful and sometimes fatal to humans.

The amount of venom in one box jellyfish is said to be enough to kill 60 humans in one sting, an internet source posted. Being stung results in a very large amount of pain and if not treated, the victim can die within three minutes.

According to ABS-CBN News, "Dyesebel" producer Dreamscape Entertainment Televisione in a statement said Anne was brought to hospitals in San Juan and Lipa, Batangas before she was confined at St. Luke's Medical Center in Bonifacio Global City.

Dr. Wency Kiat reportedly said she is fine and taking medications for pain.

Dreamscape AdProm Head Eric John Salut shared that the actress "is safe in the hospital under utmost medical care and supervision."

In her official Twitter account, Anne Curtis thanked her fans for their "get well soon" messages. She said their heartwarming support makes all her sacrifices, including the jellyfish sting, all worth it.