Snake Eating Croc Captured in Photos; Slideshow Video Goes Viral

A photographer snapped photos of a snake eating a croc, swallowing the reptile in whole, at Lake Moondarra in Queensland, Australia.

snake eating croc
Photo credit: Tiffany Corlis
Reports say the snake and the crocodile battled for several hours until the python overpowered its enemy.

A woman identified as Tiffany Corlis, who was eating breakfast at the time, was informed by some canoe racers about the attack. She immediately grabbed her camera and took photos of the fighting animals, which later went viral online.

According to her, the croc fought the snake hard at the beginning, but has eventually weakened and gave up after the python strangled it.

Corris reportedly told media that the crocodile's entire body and legs can be seen inside the snake's belly.

We seldom see a snake eating a croc, but most of these carnivorous reptiles can swallow other animals including rabbits, birds, dogs, cats, and deers. In the past, a large python was reported to have eaten and vomitted an entire cow.