Janet Napoles must 'pay-for-stay' at special detention facility, senator says

Janet Napoles, the alleged mastermind of the pork barrel scam, must observe a "pay-for-stay" program according to a lady lawmaker.

janet napoles
Senator Miriam Defensor Santiago recently said that as a detainee, Napoles should foot her own bill so that the Philippine National Police can stop using public funds for her P150,000 monthly expenses.

It is clear that Napoles is being given special treatment, the senator said, as compared to over 70,000 prisoners all over the country.

According to Santiago, the PNP spends P5,000 daily or P150,000 monthly for Napoles, which translates to an annual expense of P1.8 million for the government.

Napoles is detained at the Fort Sto. Domingo in Laguna since her surrender in September last year.

Meanwhile, the daily cost for one ordinary prisoner is P54 or P1,612 per month. The government spends P20,000 for each detainee in a year.

Santiago suggested that a high-profile detainee like Janet Napoles should be compelled to choose between two options: stay in an ordinary jail at government expense or in an enhanced facility at her own expense. It would save the government public funds.

The "pay-for-stay" program, the lady senator said, has been upheld in several US courts.