BIR Shame Campaign vs Tax Cheats, Evaders Slammed [+Photo]

The controversial BIR shame campaign has been slammed by doctors after they were supposedly depicted as "tax cheats" in a print ad.

The advertisement, which was published in newspapers over the weekend, shows a lady doctor perched on the shoulders of a female teacher with a printed reminder that says:

When you don't pay your taxes, you're a burden to those who do. Do your share.

BIR shame campaign print ad
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Reports said that the Philippine Medical Association called the ad "unfair" while some medical practitioners, other professionals, and netizens on social media said it was "done in bad taste."

The print ad was part of BIR's shame campaign which aims to translate into higher tax collections.

Earlier, the bureau reportedly planned to publish the names of delinquent tax payers on its website and in newspapers.

The list will show the names of tax evaders as well as taxpayers who failed to pay the correct amount (tax cheats), with vital information including their company or business names, identification number (TIN), business and registered address, and the taxable year.