Vice Ganda - Karylle rift noticed in #IAmPogay segment

The rumored rift between "It's Showtime" hosts Vice Ganda and Karylle has been noticed Wednesday by netizens during the I Am Pogay segment.

Vice Ganda and Karylle
Screen grab from "It's Showtime" (ABS-CBN)
A tweet from Twitter user @krizzy_kalerQUI to her 329,000 followers read:

Dinedeadma talaga ni Vice Ganda si Karylle noh? Parang invicible si K.

Citing a source identified only as an "It's Showtime staff," Online Balita columnist Jimi Escala reported that there's an ongoing rift between Vice Ganda and Karylle, which tarnished their friendship.

According to the insider, the two hosts have not been speaking for several days already and, even if they're together during the live show, they do try to avoid each other.

Pansinin n’yo, laging magkalayo ang dalawa sa live show nila. Kung dati ay nagtatapikan pa at nagkakabiruan, ngayon, eh, kulang na lang mag-ismiran sila. Hindi nga lang halata ng mga televiewers.

The real reason why the two hosts are giving each other cold treatment is still unclear, but there are speculations that the misunderstanding started after Vice Ganda gave a negative remark against Karylle.

However, there's a report that the gap occured when Karylle failed to attend a recent victory party that Vice Ganda organized to celebrate the success of one of his projects.

Another rumor is that Vice Ganda got hurt after the singer-host allegedly said she feels awkward being paired to a gay.

But some netizens expressed doubt that the "It's Showtime" mainstays are currently not in good terms. Critics alleged that it may be some sort of a "gimmick" to get more public attention.

Vice Ganda and Karylle are both expected to speak about the issue soon.