Selena Gomez home trespasser slapped with 120-day jail sentence

Selena Gomez successfully got a trespasser of her home, Juan Daniel Garcia, into prison. The stalker has been given a 120-day jail sentence.

Selena Gomez
File photo from Mikey Hennessy
Citing the Los Angeles City Attorney's office, ETonline reports that Garcia, 19, pleaded no contest to the case filed against him.

Police reportedly confirmed that the intruder was caught at the 21-year-old actress-singer's house at 9:30 a.m. last January 25. A family member's call to 911 led to his arrest.

The LA City Attorney's office told the entertainment news outlet:

[Garcia] has been ordered not to contact Ms.Gomez and to stay at least 150 yards away from her and her residence. He is also ordered to submit to search and seizure at any time and forbidden from possessing any deadly or dangerous weapons.‬

Meanwhile, the former "Wizards of Waverly Place" star has reportedly been checked into a rehab facility in Arizona since last month for the treatment of her alleged addiction to alcohol, marijuana and sleeping pills.

The camp of Selena Gomez, who looked fit and healthy while heading to a dance studio very recently according to spotters, denied the rumors.