Pangasinan mysterious flesh-eating disease a hoax

Pangasinan health officials say there's no truth to stories that a mysterious flesh-eating disease is spreading in the province.

Pangasinan rumored mysterious fleash-eating disease
Screen grab from TV Patrol (ABS-CBN/YouTube)
Reports said the result of an investigation conducted by the provincial health office show that there was no spreading of the rumored airborne skin disease.

According to PHO head Dr. Anna de Guzman, the reported victims were a male with severe psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis as well as a girl who has leprosy. The latter, she said, suffered a drug reaction following a wrong medication.

Meanwhile, the Department of Health tagged the incident as “hoax.”

Health secretary Enrique Ona says:

Absolutely no reason for the public to panic.

The DOH explains both cases in Pangasinan were not diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis, a rare flesh-eating disease which is not usually contagious unless uninfected persons will have a physical contact with the victim.

Sec. Ona adds:

There are a lot of diseases that may manifest through changes in the skin. It is good to consult our doctors or go to the nearest barangay health unit when we need medical advice and treatment. Let us avail of the free healthcare service in our health facilities.