Goodbye, Flappy Bird download on iOS App Store, Google Play removed

Goodbye, Flappy Bird. The game has been removed by creator Dong Nguyen and download on iOS App Store and Google Play is no longer available.

Flappy Bird removed

The independent Vietnamese developer pulled the hugely popular game online Monday morning, February 10, less than 24 hours after announcing the takedown on Twitter.

Despite earning an estimated $50,000 daily from ad revenues, Nguyen said he decided to scrap Flappy Bird as the notoriously simple but annoying game is "overused" and "overrated."

However, there were speculations that the takedown was a preemptive action after the maker was accused of copying it from another iOS game. Critics also noted the resemblance of the pipes on Flappy Bird to that of the classic favorite Super Mario Brothers.

Because of its unavailability on app stores, fans are now looking for alternative websites where they can download Flappy Bird.