Flappy Bird clones surface on App Store and Google Play

Flappy Bird is gone, but the notoriously simple yet difficult game opened the door for clones to hit on the App Store and Google Play.

If you haven't downloaded and installed Flappy Bird on your smartphone before it was pulled down and wanted to try something similar anyway, check out this list of apparent copycats.
  • Fly Birdie - "Flappy Bird Flyer"
  • Happy Bee - "Fly around the world and hover over the flower to collect nectar. Look out for enemies and obstacles!"
  • Fluffy Birds - "Guide these little fluffy birds through a world full of danger. Unlock new birds as you progress through the game. New birds has more lives so that you can travel further."
  • Flappy Plane - "Flap your wings to fly"
  • Ironpants - "Be the best and fly the longest distance with your hero Ironpants avoiding coming obstacles."
  • Cute Tiny Birds - "Help Cute Tiny Birds collect lots of fruit and gold coins but be careful to avoid flying into rocks and evil, black, zombie birds."
  • Smarcle Flyer - "Fly the smarcle and avoid the obstacles. Starts off very easy but keep going, gets harder and harder."
Fly Birdie

Fluffy Birds


Smarcle Flyer

A lot more Flappy Bird clones are spreading online like mushrooms. Reports say they now total to over eighty, and counting, as the Flappy Bird fever continues.

Meanwhile, independent Vietnamese app developer Dong Nguyen has been inactive online since the controversial Flappy Bird takedown.

It appears that he ceased to use social media too, but his website is running and the other games he created are still available on iTunes App Store and Google Play.