Cedric Lee - Deniece Cornejo 'video scandal' can harm computers, experts warn

The alleged scandal video supposedly showing businessman Cedric Lee and model Deniece Cornejo in an intimate moment can harm computers.

Earlier this week, a group of tech experts said the alleged scandalous video that's making rounds in the internet lately was created by bogus Facebook account holders and is being used to spam other social networking site users.

Fake Cedric Lee Deniece Cornejo video scandal

According to a source who requested anonimity, a screenshot of the fake video is usually attached to a post with a shortened link pointing to a website that contains virus and malware.

Once clicked, victims get redirected to a page with excessive ads and, in some cases, images that are for-adults-only. No video scandal of Cedric and Deniece can be found.

The potential risk is that status updates with links to the alleged scandal video may appear on the timeline or newsfeed of Facebook users who are minors, said a source who is familiar with the scheme.

To avoid getting fooled and prevent computer infection, experts advised netizens not to click suspicious links on Facebook and immediately delete spam messages.