April Mariz 'Epey' Herher wins That's My Tomboy on It's Showtime

Lesbian singer April Mariz “Epey” Herher has been declared as the first grand winner of That's My Tomboy on "It's Showtime" on ABS-CBN.

Epey Herher That's My Tomboy grand winner
Credits to Epey Herher / Facebook
Epey, a favorite among the 39 grand finalists even in social media, entered the top 10 and top 5 but she excelled most in the Question and Answer portion.

When asked what the true meaning of “success” is, she said it's measured by being a person for others. By making selfless sacrifices to make other people happy, one becomes successful, she said in Filipino.

Epey then quoted a phrase from Blessed (now Saint) Arnold Janssen, S.V.D., a Roman Catholic priest and missionary who founded the religious congregation known today as the Divine Word Missionaries, as follows:

To God the glory, to my neighbors the benefits, to myself the burden.

In her About page on Facebook, she said she's proud to be a lesbian.

Biography: My name is April Mariz Herher, known to most as Epey Herher. I am a Filipino, an artist, a singer, a songwriter, a rapper, a friend, a lover, a sinner, a saint. Yohohohohohoho. ^_____________^ Among other things, I am a lesbian and I am proud to be one.

Meanwhile, the other finalists namely Phao Faraon and Kim Andaya, Sky Teotico, and Kim Orencio were declared 3rd runners-up (tie), 2nd runner-up and 1st runner-up, respectively.

Epey Herher, the That’s My Tomboy 2014 grand winner will bring home P300,000 cash.