Cristine Reyes blows top on Instagram, gets mad at follower

Cristine Reyes has blown her top on Instagram. The actress apparently got mad after her follower commented on a photo she uploaded.

The Kapamilya star shared a somewhat awkward picture of a person close to her, who appears very tired while sleeping in a sofa, with a caption that reads:

“Hindi na kinaya ni Yaying ang hanapbuhay ko. Nang-iwan agad sa ere.”

Cristine Reyes awkward picture of Yaying
Courtesy of @queencristinereyes / Instagram
A follower using the handle “lonelybeary” didn’t like what he saw and immediately commented:

“Just a friendly thought. Would it be so embarrasing to post someone’s extremely private moment like this? Yoko nmn isipin mo na kj ako but i guess it’s not so funny to reveal pictures like this on public view. @queencristinereyes”

Cristine replied:

“@lonelybeary if it’s not funny definitely I wouldn’t post!!!!! We are close! Close like that! Just a friendly thought too: I think may kanya kanya tayong HUMOR! And I guess KJ kaya hindi ka maka-relate. ganito kami and wala ka na dun! brutal kami e paki mo?”

The “Honesto” star told the commenter to unfollow her.

“Unfollow na lang! Account ko ‘to walang basagan,” Cristine Reyes posted.

Cristine Reyes follower's comment
Cristine Reyes blows her top on Instagram