Bikini Bridge Hoax: Prank turns real as photos go viral online

Bikini Bridge, which started as a prank and then revealed as a hoax, has become real as more and more photos go viral online recently.

It is actually a term used for “a space on a woman’s bikini bottoms and lower abdomen when she’s lying down; her hip bones lift the front of her bikini up,” various reports said.

The #bikinibridge hashtag became one of the trending topics on Twitter, Instagram, and 4Chan. The latter website is where the term originated. It’s allegedly an attempt of some of its users to spam social media with “the next big thing” in 2014.

Health experts fear the Bikini Bridge online prank and hoax might become a real trend for ladies to be obsessed on becoming very thin. Some netizens also called it an “insult” to fat women.