Sienna Cook, 2, makes money as Beckham daughter's look-alike

Two-year-old Sienna Gibbs-Cook has grabbed the spotlight and became one of the most popular celebrity look-alikes of the year 2013.

The little girl from Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire has already earned more than £2,000 for being a look-alike of Harper, David and Victoria Beckham’s daughter.

Sienna Gibbs-Cook (left), a two-year old little girl who impersonates David Beckham's daughter.
Harper Beckham (right). Photo credit:

She began working in April when people approached and told her she looks like the celebrity daughter.

Sienna’s mother, Sophie Cook, said that at first, she didn’t know how Harper looks like until she searched it on the internet and found out her daughter closely resembles the celebrity child.

“Everyone kept saying she looks so like David Beckham’s daughter. I didn’t know what Harper looked like until I Googled her and when I saw pictures I was in shock because she looked just like her. So I emailed the agency to see if they may be interested and the work hasn’t stopped. It is quite funny, I look at me and Lee and I see us in her but we look nothing like Victoria and David, it’s quite weird we have had a child which looks so similar,” Sophie said.

So far, the celebrity look-alike is considered as a “child double” who’s been most-booked by major agencies. Sienna has been invited to events and successfully tricked audiences thinking she’s the real Beckham.

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