Pantene #WhipIt TV commercial ad gets global attention, video goes viral

Pantene shampoo’s #WhipIt TV commercial ad, which was featured in Time Magazine, is getting global attention. Here’s the viral video.

Pantene TV commercial 2013

What makes the Pantene TVC different from other shampoo commercials is that “no Pantene bottle is in sight,” explains a Yahoo! OMG Philippines article. “It does display, very clearly, how women are treated in the workplace,” the report said.

Pepe Torres, country marketing manager for haircare at P&G, reportedly said: “We think that beauty is power. When you feel beautiful, you’re unstoppable. Pantene is not just in the haircare business. It’s in the personal success business.”

The concept for Pantene’s latest ad was developed by advertising agency BBDO Guerrero, which says the campaign “tackles how labels can hold women back from achieving success, happiness and fulfillment.”

The Youtube video titled “Pantene #WhipIt | Labels Against Women” garnered over 4 million hits so far since it was uploaded in early November.

It’s the best TV commercial for 2013.