Jethro Pichon, TIP student, falls to death from condo unit: Accident or suicide?

Jethro Pichon, a student of the Technological Institute of the Philippines, died after he fell from the 24th floor of a condominium.

TIP student falls, jumps from condo unit
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Latest reports say the 21-year-old victim allegedly jumped from his unit at Grand Tower II in Vito Cruz, Manila.

Records of the Manila Police District (MPD) state that Pichon fell in a swimming pool. Investigation revealed that the TIP student has just finished taking a bath when the incident happened.

Pichon’s friends are clueless about the real reason behind his death, noting that he is a jolly person. However, authorities say the victim told his girlfriend earlier he had an aching head.

Web sources say Pichon wasn’t able to attend classes for weeks already.

Authorities are reportedly taking a deeper look into the incident. Police are awaiting the autopsy report.

What do you think led to Jethro Pichon’s death? Was it purely an accident or did he commit suicide?