Jennifer Aniston shaved head photo goes viral

A viral bald photo of Jennifer Aniston is circulating in social media and micro-blogging sites according to digital news website neon tommy.

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Aniston decided to cut her hair off in honor of a niece who was diagnosed with cancer according to a fake account of  Aniston's Facebook page.

"Once her hair started to fall off, she was depressed and terrified to look in the mirror. She recently asked me why she wasn't pretty like all the other girls. I didn't know how to react. So, I cut my hair off for her. This Christmas I'll be her mirror," that fake post explained.

Tony Rimple @Tony_yadigg said on his twitter account:

'For everyone tweeting that Jennifer Aniston shaved head for her niece with cancer, her head isn't shaved. It was edited from the picture on the right.'

Entertainment website discovered that the picture is a throwback from her "Friends With Money" movie premiere in 2006, in which Aniston is seen with her hair in a ponytail on the red carpet.

The picture was photo-shopped as an April Fools prank earlier this year. Only recently did it resurface with a tale about Aniston's niece having cancer.