'It's more fun in PH' campaign suspended

The Department of Tourism has temporarily suspended its viral campaign dubbed "It's More Fun in the Philippines" on Friday.

According to social media website Interaksyon.com, the move is in connection with the ongoing recovery and relief operations for the survivors of Yolanda.

Super Typhoon Yolanda hit the Philippines last November 7. The strong cyclone left thousands of people dead and millions of properties damaged.

"We could not refresh the vision of the Philippines in dire need of help. So we were thinking of how we could use the negative publicity and transform it into something positive for us. But not now. We will just let the big charitable organizations ask for relief," says Tourism Promotions Board (TPB) chief operating officer Domingo Enerio III on December 6. "So we have suspended our media campaign and instead are focused on how we can rebuild."

How long is the suspension?

"It's a matter of timing. We're just holding back. But we still have ongoing projects with the Discovery Channel, CNN, and BBC. We just think Christmas is a good time for things to settle down. We have taken a hit and we have to take it on the chin. Mother Nature has dealt us a bitter blow. Right now, pa-jab-jab muna tayo,” Enerio reportedly said.

"Definitely we won't wait for one year (before resuming the 'fun' campaign). We will reserve our left hook for the appropriate time," he added.

In a press statement at the aftermath of Yolanda, DOT Secretary Ramon Jimenez Jr. stressed that the Philippines remains a "safe and fun" destination for all tourists, notwithstanding the calamity caused by the super typhoon.

Aside from Typhoon Yolanda, the Philippines also suffered great damage after a magnitude 7.2 eartquake struck parts of Visayas and Mindanao.

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