Alice Dixson FHM cover girl for December - photo

Alice Dixson is FHM Philippines’ newest cover girl. The popular men’s magazine has just released its December 2013 issue. View her photo.

FHM Philippines uploaded last Friday a cover photo showing Alice wearing a flesh-colored underwear with white cloth covering her goodies.

Alice Dixson FHM cover girl december 2013

In an interview, Alice revealed why she hasn’t done a sexy photoshoot in the past years.

“I think maybe when I was younger I wasn’t ready to do photo shoots like this,” the veteran actress said. “Even when Mother Lily was pushing me towards a sexy image I would always resist. But now, it’s become ordinary to come out in a bikini and it’s more accepted now. I just learned that it’s part of work, and it came out very nice.”

As if she’s much younger than 44, FHM cover girl Alice Dixson looks amazing, doesn’t she? Truly an ageless beauty.