NYC tobacco law prohibits sales to smokers under 21

The NYC tobacco law now prohibits sales to smokers under the age of 21 after New York city mayor Michael Bloomberg signed the legislation.

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According to the Associated Press via Yahoo! News, Bloomberg said the NYC tobacco law will help prevent teenagers to try cigarettes at an age when they are susceptible to addiction.

Eighty percent of smokers start before age 21, health officials reportedly said.

Following the signing of the NYC tobacco law, cigarettes are now sold at a minimum price of $10.50 per pack and retailers in the city are not allowed to offer coupons and discounts.

The AP report notes the ban has limitations.

Although youngsters under 21 can’t buy tobacco products under the said NYC law, they might steal cigarettes from parents, ask or buy from friends, purchase during out of town trips, or avail from the black market dealers for a price.