Korina Sanchez resigns: Anne Curtis Facebook fan page posts fake news

ABS-CBN senior correspondent Korina Sanchez has resigned, according to a post on the Facebook fan page of Kapamilya star Anne Curtis.

Korina Sanchez resigns Anne Curtis fan page fake news
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In a status message Friday night, an admin of www.facebook.com/Annebisyosaz —a fan page for the actress with over 1.2 million likes— posted the headline “Korina finally announced her resignation” followed by a shortened link that points to a website containing job advertisements.

The landing page doesn’t seem to contain a virus or malware, but the strategy used is a deceitful way to generate views for a particular website.

A photo of the famous radio and television host was attached to the news, which turned out to be fake, to make it look real.

Earlier this week, there were speculations that Korina was slapped with a two-week suspension for hitting CNN correspondent Anderson Cooper on-air.

Rumors that the veteran newscaster took a vacation amid the controversy also became a trending topic online. Korina refuted all of it saying she was just taping for a special report on the aftermath of Super Typhoon Yolanda for her weekend TV show.

It’s unclear whether or not the other admins have knowledge of what’s happening, but it appears everything is hidden from the legitimate owners of Anne’s Facebook fan page.