Kohl's shooting: Police officer injured, suspects charged

A shooting incident occured Thursday at Kohl's department store in Romeoville. A police officer was injured, the suspects were charged.

Kohl's shooting
Screen grab from ABC News / YouTube
A report on The Christian Science Monitor says the law enforcer sustained injuries after he was dragged by a car driven by a cohort of suspected shoplifters.

Kohl's staff reported the incident to police around 10pm on November 28, hours ahead of the Black Friday sale.

When police officers arrived, one suspect rushed to the getaway vehicle at the parking lot and closed the door on the pursuing officer’s arm.

Romeoville police chief Mark Turvey told media that “the officer was dragged quite some distance.” The officer’s right shoulder was injured, the report said.

The 52-year-old driver was forced to stop after he was shot on the left arm by another police officer. He had not been charged as of this posting.

A suspect identified as Robert Russell, 51, was charged with attempted murder while his companion, 28-year-old Gerald Chamberlain, was arrested in the store and charged with felony theft.

According to the CS Monitor report, no shoppers were injured when the Kohl's shooting incident took place.

Video courtesy of ABC News / YouTube