Kobe Bryant returns to Lakers' practice, boosts team's psyche

Kobe Bryant, who tore his Achilles tendon more than six months ago, is back at practice with the Los Angeles Lakers over the weekend.

Kobe Bryant back at Lakers practice
Screen grab from NBA / YouTube
ESPN reports that Kobe, a former most valuable player (MVP), returned to the practicing floor on Saturday.

The news about Kobe Bryant’s practice with the team boosts his teammates’ psyche, according to Lakers guard Jodie Meeks.

Though it’s not clear when he will play again in an actual game, Kobe said during an interview with NBA TV he believes his recovery is ahead of schedule.

“I feel like I’m ahead of schedule,” the 15-time All-Star player reportedly said. “If there was a playoff game tonight, I’d play. I’d play. I don’t know how effective I’d be, but I would play.”

Now at 35, the NBA star said he still got the moves even after suffering the injury.

“The fadeaway still works, the ballhandling, being able to post, those are things that I can do right now. But it’s not the playoffs, thank God,” added Kobe Bryant, who averaged 27.3 points in the past season.