Kathryn Bernardo, Daniel Padilla named SM Accessories 'teen royalties'

Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla, collectively known as KathNiel, have been introduced as among the SM Accessories teen royalties.

SM Accessories fashion and teen royalties

Together with Kapamilya stars Julia Barretto and Enrique Gil, Kathryn and Daniel, also known as the teen “King” and “Queen,” were chosen to “showcase the brand’s young, fun, and carefree side, reaching out to a whole new generation of fashion accessories authority.”

KathNiel, as a young yet powerful pair of influencers, comes with great fashion as SM Accessories unveils its new collections as follows:

  • Dazzle Dosage - plays with the simplicity of geometrics by adding the luxury of embellishment, bringing an aura of elegance to the Ladies Accessories line.
  • Minutes to Midnight - highlights exquisite jewel tones - magentas, purples and blues for stylish ladies
  • Off the Boat makes waves with nautical colors for the Men’s Accessory line.
  • Urban Military - brings barracks style to the streets with leather, bronze and antique gold hardware as well as a green, blue, gray, and black palette.
  • The Art of Highlights - is a play on dark tones with red, blue or tan stripes.
  • Sleepless Rust - is all about merry metallic - bronze, matte silver, and rust.

SM Accessories fashion royalties

Prior to having Kathryn, Daniel, Julia and Enrique as its teen royalties, SM Accessories collaborated with celebrities namely Anne Curtis, Richard Gutierrez, Georgina Wilson and Xian Lim.

SM Accessories in a statement said the “Supreme Four,” known for their impeccable sense of style and multimedia and platform reach, “brought the brand to a whole new level of excitement using fashion statement pieces.”