Carmen Electra to release new single 'Werq' in December

Former Baywatch babe Carmen Electra is set to release a new single titled “Werq” in December. It’s her first official track in 15 years.

Carmen Electra 2013
Carmen Electra (Photo by Glenn Francis)
Online dictionaries define the word as “an expression used when praising someone for doing something cunty or for looking fierce.”

According to AAP via Yahoo! News, the actress-model expressed excitement over the upcoming release of her new song next month.

“I’m really excited to get back to doing what I love to do, which is perform and be on stage,” the sexy star reportedly said on the Today show. “That’s how I started my career, so everything’s coming full circle.”

Last year, Electra told she hopes to become an electronic dance music pin-up, the report said.

Immediate reactions from showbiz enthusiasts and netizens on social media indicate that a hot and controversial music video for Carmen Electra’s “Werq” is anticipated.