'Be Careful With My Heart' - Maya and Sir Chief Wedding Video

Maya and Sir Chief’s wedding took place Friday, November 15, on “Be Careful With My Heart” on ABS-CBN. It became a Twitter trend nationwide.

Maya and Sir Chief Wedding
Photo courtesy of ABS-CBN
The hashtags #BeCarefulWithMyHeartAFairytaleWedding and #theLIMDELAROSANUPTIALS111513 as well as the term “Maya” occupied the top spots of the trending box.

Fans of the series posted on social networking sites that they were amazed of Maya’s wedding gown and how the taped ceremony turned like a real wedding experience. Most cast members got carried away by their emotions, they say, and the scenes at the church seemed true-to-life and weren’t just part of acting.

Feedback was positive. The question now is: What happens after the wedding?

According to various sources, the love story of Maya and Sir Chief will not end with the aviation and fairy tale-themed wedding. “Be Careful With My Heart” will continue as long as the audience watches the noontime series.

In a recent interview, “Be Careful With My Heart” lead stars Richard Yap and Jodi Sta. Maria hinted that “the wedding will be a beginning of something else.” The new chapter, Jodi noted, begins with the story of Maya and Sir Chief as a married couple.

It’s still not clear whether or not they will have a child after the honeymoon as the think tanks and content creators are expected to work on the plot based on what the viewers want.

Did you watch Maya and Sir Chief’s wedding on “Be Careful With My Heart”? If you haven’t, check back for the video which will be embedded on this page upon availability on YouTube.