Sarah Geronimo 'Ikot-Ikot' music video hits the web

The music video of Sarah Geronimo’s latest single “Ikot-Ikot” off from her tenth studio album “Expressions” has been released on YouTube.

Sarah Geronimo Ikot-Ikot

Fans of the Popstar Princess rushed to the page where the MV was uploaded. One Anne Smith posted a comment with excitement, saying “No one can be compared to Sarah Geronimo! As in NO ONE! Great VOICE, Great MOVES, Great LOOKS! What else can you ask for?- NOTHING! You'll never lose a fan, we promise. Right guys?”

While supporters of the actress-singer and TV host say the video is the best she’s done so far, it was not entirely welcomed with a red carpet.

YouTube user Klarizza Obispo says “I really admire SarahG but I think this song could have been produced better. I think this song lacks quality in terms of the instruments used and other stuff (same goes with most opm songs). I am no-pro but I bet I can make more sophisticated sounds than this. I'm not saying this song is crap. In fact, I think the song gets catchy at the end and her voice is one of the best. Yet one would have to admit that this is not something you could be proud of as Filipino. We need to step up our OPM!”

Joef Clarin adds “parang hindi ganun kaganda ang arrangement ng lyrics...may mga magrereact, idol ko si sarah. it's just the lyrics are too weak. unlike her previous songs na feel na feel ko talaga.”

Check out the video and see if its all worth the praises. Watch this:

Do you like Sarah’s new song? What about the music video?