DJ Mo Twister dies: Hoax says controversial radio jock is dead

DJ Mo Twister has died. The news quickly spread on the internet over the weekend. It turned out though that everything was just a hoax.

That’s right, the controversial radio disc jockey is still alive and funny he is even tweeting about his supposed death.

The report was published by a satire news blog, which says DJ Mo died in a vehicular accident along the “South Superhighway.” The multimedia personality was pronounced dead on arrival, the fake news says, adding that he was “drunk” and “driving naked” before the tragedy.

A photo of DJ Mo with a totally wrecked car in the background was posted by the blog to make the report appear real.

DJ Mo Twister dead

Apparently, the hoax was created to make fun of DJ Mo as a retaliation to his negative remarks against the Philippines’ Miss Universe 2013 candidate Ariella Arida.