Albie Casiño scandal photo goes viral: Real or fake?

An allegedly scandalous photo of actor Albie Casiño, which circulated on entertainment websites and blogs recently, has netizens buzzing.

The picture features a young man, who resembles the former Kapamilya talent, reading a magazine with only his maroon underwear on.

Many netizens doubt the authenticity of the purported Albie Casiño scandal photo, saying it already made its way on gay-oriented sites more than five years ago and was only edited to look different from the original.

While some noticed that the guy in the picture has a more muscular body than Albie, there are commenters who argued that the actor has beefed his muscles up taking into account his participation in last month’s Cosmo Bash.

There’s a lot of mixed reactions online. Now it’s just up to anyone’s judgment whether or not the Albie Casiño scandal photo is real or fake.