Wally Bayola's official statement on scandal video: Non-issuance an admission?

Unlike band lead vocalist Chito Miranda, comedian Wally Bayola has not issued an official statement regarding his alleged scandal video.

Wally Bayola Ayosh

Since Tuesday, a 6-minute video showing two adults believed to be Wally Bayola and EB Babe Yosh Rivera performing sexual acts is circulating on the world wide web. The video has become a talk of the town after it went viral on social networking sites Facebook and Twitter, on YouTube, blogs, and other online fora.

Eat Bulaga, where Wally works as regular host and Yosh as dancer, remains mum on the controversy. Likewise, no word related to the scandal came out from Wally and the female dance group EB Babes’ manager, Malou Choa-Fagar, who is also an executive of TAPE Inc., the show’s producer.

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As of posting time, Wally remains elusive from the public eye. Even members of mainstream media are apparently clueless on Wally Bayola’s whereabouts and condition. He did not report for work since Monday.

So far, only one person close to Wally Bayola broke his silence. In a Twitter post, Wally’s longtime friend and co-host Jose Manalo explained his absence on Eat Bulaga, saying the show’s management decided to give the comedian time to settle his problems.

Some netizens now wonder, is the non-issuance of an official statement an admission? Or is it a strategic move for damage control?