Bryan Magsayo 'Having You Near Me' video goes viral

A video featuring Bryan Magsayo, a yet-to-be-acknowledged internet sensation, singing the Air Supply hit “Having You Near Me,” has gone viral online.

Bryan Magsayo

According to his Facebook profile, Bryan is an Overseas Flipino Worker (OFW) who performs with a band in Xiamen Shi, Fujian, China. He comes from Valencia City, Bukidnon.

Bryan has uploaded numerous videos on YouTube and Facebook. Among his most popular renditions is his cover of the Air Supply classic.

Bryan’s vocal prowess is so good anyone who watches this performance would think he was lip-synching. He sounded like the original, even better.

Check this out:

The viral Bryan Magsayo “Having You Near Me” video has almost 100,000 hits on YouTube, more than 21,000 shares and over 12,000 likes on Facebook.

His latest cover is Cliff Richard’s “Ocean Deep.”

This guy’s a star!