Wolf attack in Minnesota: Teen victim bitten in head survives

The victim of the wolf attack in Minnesota, a sixteen-year-old boy named Noah Graham who was bitten in the head by a timber wolf, survived.

Minnesota wolf attack

WebProNews reports the incident took place 4 a.m. Saturday at the West Winnie Campground in Lake Winnibigoshish. Noah was about to sleep after an activity with co-members of his church when the wolf attacked.

His father Scott reportedly said the animal “just came up behind Noah, he didn’t hear anything, and it just grabbed him by the back of the head and wouldn’t let go.”

Noah was fortunate to have fought back instead of panicking.

“He had to physically pry the jaws of the wolf open, to get it off of him, and once he got it off of him and he was up, the wolf stood there growling at him. And he had to shout at it and kick at it to get it to go away,” his dad reportedly said.

Noah received 17 stitches and is undergoing anti-rabies treatment as a precautionary measure.

The wolf was tracked and eventually killed for rabies test. Authorities noted that it had a deformed jaw, which may have contributed to its hunting and eating struggles.

The Department of Natural Resources reportedly said it was the first confirmed wolf attack in Minnesota.