McDonald's franchisees furious over high operational costs

Franchisees of McDonald's are furious over high operational costs, complaining that fees for rent, remodeling and training are too much.

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Bloomberg News reports that due to the heavier financial burden to operate a McDonald’s restaurant, franchises are “less likely to open new restaurants and refurbish them,” which has a negative impact on sales in general.

The report said domestic expansion slowed down since more than a decade ago. Restaurant consultant Dick Adams, who formerly owned a McDonald’s store, said that time in the past when there was low morale among franchisees is coming back.

Businesswoman Kathryn Slater-Carter, who operates two locations in the states, told the news provider that having a McDonald’s business “is not as profitable as it used to be.”

The fastfood chain has more than 14,100 stores across the US, almost 90 percent of which are franchisee-operated.

Company executives, franchise owners as well as suppliers are reportedly holding dialogues and brainstorming to find a solution to the growing problem.