FBI Arrests Mayors Over Corruption-Related Charges

The FBI arrests mayors came as a shocking news to constituents in South Florida after two local chief executives were taken into custody.

FBI arrests mayors

The Washington Post reports the Federal Bureau of Investigation arrested Miami Lakes mayor Michael Pizzi and Sweetwater mayor Manny MaroƱo on Tuesday.

Prosecutors reportedly said Pizzi and MaroƱo were involved in separate kickback and bribery schemes over federal grants to their respective towns.

According to The Inquisitr, US Attorney Wilfredo Ferrer said Pizzi received about $7,000 in bribes while MaroƱo received about $40,000 in bribes since 2002.

The public officials were both charged with “conspiracy to commit extortion,” reports said. Pizzi and MaroƱo are being held on $50,000 and $250,000 bonds, respectively.

Florida governor Rick Scott has reportedly ordered their suspension from office.