Cheque clearance delay in PH banks hidden from media?

The cheque clearance delay that’s happening in Philippine banks for a week now has remained unreported. Is it being hidden from media?

Cheque clearance delay

This author has been waiting for an advertising network’s China Bank cheque to be cleared since Friday, August 16. Based on experience, clearing of regional cheques gets done two to three working days at UnionBank. It’s already August 23.

A bank staff assigned at the customer service section told us on August 20 that the cheque clearance delay started since Thursday, August 15. Until now, the funds have not been credited to our account.

The caused of delay, whether it’s system failure or work cancellations due to calamities, was unclear. We’ve done a Google search and no Philippine news outlet has reported about it yet. There seems to be a news blackout.

Anyone having a similar experience?